WhiteRumAfter the Island Gold Rum sold out, the time came for Copper Run Distillery to produce more Rum. And so we did. What came out was simply amazing!! Why try to age an already perfect Rum? Thus the White Rum…

Copper Run Distillery is proud to present a White Rum. Made from brown sugar and blackstrap molasses, this tasty un-aged Rum is ideal for all your cocktails this summer!

Appearance: Crystal clear White Rum
Aroma: overtones of Molasses, dried figs, crème brulèe and cake-batter.
Flavor: Exotic spice, toffee, and butterscotch
Body: Medium to Full
Finish: Lingering warm glow fading with an exotic spice

Overall: This young and spirited White Rum instantly wakes up your senses. Aromas of cooked sugar float around the glass, surprisingly becoming tingly, exotic, spicy, and full of flavor.
Copper Run’s White Rum is ready for the Summer! Enjoy!

Product Details:
Size: 750ml
Strength: 40% alc/vol

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