Welcome to Copper Run

We are relocating!

Copper Run Distillery’s tasting room at 1901 Day Rd. will be closed permanently as of July 18, 2021. Please watch our website and Facebook for info on when we get settled at our new location. While you’re waiting to come see us again, you can continue to find our spirits at a retailer near you. Cheers!

Welcome to the home of the Ozark Mountain Moonshine, Whiskey and Rum…


Award-Winning Small Batch Spirits, Traditionally Handcrafted here in the Ozark Mountains.

Copper Run Distillery is the first legal distillery in the Ozark Mountains since the prohibition ended in 1933

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Signature Barrel Program

The Signature Barrel Program (SBP) is an innovative idea that offers whiskey lovers a unique and fun experience. Learn the secrets of hand crafted whiskey from Copper Run and create wonderful memories making your very own barrel of whiskey because every barrel has a story and we are inviting you to write your story along your very own barrel!

Tours & Tastings


We are currently expanding and relocating. As we prepare our new location, please visit our Facebook Page for Copper Run cocktail recipes that you can enjoy at home.