Copper Run Distillery is the first legally operating Moonshine distillery in the Ozark Mountains since the prohibition ended in 1933

Copper Run Distillery, a small business growing deep roots. Copper Run is a small-batch craft distillery that favors quality and stands firmly aligned by its slogan, small-batch BIG PASSION.

The Copper Run family of spirits is heavily influenced by local resources, the pure limestone-rich water, the famous Missouri white oak barrels, and the ever changing climate in the Ozarks create a unique distilling and maturing environment but that alone’s not enough to justify the popularity of our products! The secret lies in our distillation techniques and methods that we have developed over the past 14 years which allow us to make smooth and wonderfully tasting whiskey and rum right out of the still, making the barrel aging process a mere flavoring and conditioning technique.

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Signature Barrel Program

The Signature Barrel Program (SBP) is an innovative idea that offers whiskey lovers a unique and fun experience. Learn the secrets of hand crafted whiskey from Copper Run and create wonderful memories making your very own barrel of whiskey because every barrel has a story and we are inviting you to write your story along your very own barrel!

Tours & Tastings

We offer tours of the distillery and samples of our spirits! during open Tasting Room Days (click here)