Spiced Rum

The challenge of making a great tasting Spiced Rum becomes less daunting when you start off with a flavorful, full body White Rum as your base so making Rum here at Copper Run has always been less of an arduous task and more a matter of the heart. We simply love Rum! That’s why we are very proud of all our Rum products. Spice up this holiday season with Copper Run Spiced Rum!

Appearance: Misty Amber
Bouquet: Overtones of Nutmeg, vanilla and sweet orange zest.
Body: Medium
Finish: Long and dry with a balance of subdued sweetness and a hint of citrus.
Product Details: Size: 750ml  Strength: 40% alc/vol

Overall: This seasonal creation has an unusual character with the most significant players being the fresh ingredients of citrus and vanilla and spiced lightly with nutmeg. Sweet and fruity!