Distillery Barrel Club

Age Ozark Mountain Moonshine in your own Oak Barrels!

Whether you knew it or not, the only difference between our “Moonshine” and our “Spirit Whiskey” is AGING – the time it spends in a barrel!

At Copper Run Distillery, we love sharing our passion for aging spirits, so we created the Signature Barrel Club. Our goal is to create a community of whiskey enthusiasts for sharing aging techniques, resources, and (of course) whiskey. How do you join this club, you ask? Just purchase one of our aging barrels and spirits, and you can enjoy this wonderful process of aging your own whiskey! Most commonly, folks are aging our Moonshine into Spirit Whiskey or Bourbon Whiskey (if you age it 24 months or more). When it comes to aging spirits, the hardest part is patience; the rest is quite simple! Here are some wonderful resources to guide you in your whiskey-making journey…

  • Barrel Setup & Care Instructions – click here
  • A digital Book about Barrel Aging – click here
  • Whiskey Wheels – a chart for evaluating the aromas and flavors of your whiskey

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