Our Method

Small Batch, BIG PASSION

Everything that we produce here at Copper Run is hand crafted, starting with processing raw ingredients and ending with labeling and bottling. Making hand crafted products is hard work but absolutely necessary when your goal is perfection. This type of proximity to the production process is what enables us to ensure that every bottle of Copper Run spirit contains the best quality spirit we can make.

Being a small batch distillery is certainly not about volume, standardized products, distribution networks and economies of scale. Like any other artisan operation, our commitment is to continually becoming better in our craft and to make great tasting products right out of the still. What we lack in size we make up with our passion towards becoming the best we can.  That’s how Small Batch met with BIG PASSION!

Our whiskeys and rums are produced using century old tools: the human hand. The secret to making great whiskey is the same as it has been forever: hard work. We take great pride in our work ethic and we feel the results are evident in our spirits.

Tradition at Heart!

Our distillation methods have been inspired tradition but we do not ignore technology either. Merging the two is where one can find Copper Run, where our 140 gallon, direct fire, copper pot still is the centerpiece of our operation, surrounded by equipment that we have designed in-house to meet the style and culture of our operation.


Close to Home

We are diligent in sourcing the best ingredients as close to home as possible. From our water that flows from our well beneath the distillery to the barrels made of locally grown Missouri white oak, we are doing our part to keep our whiskey drinking footprint to a minimum.

Artisan Distillery

Copper Run is an Artisan distillery which means that all our products are hand crafted and in limited quantities.