About Copper Run

Copper Run Distillery is an Artisan Distillery, deeply rooted in the Ozark Mountains’ long time tradition of making Whiskey and Moonshine. Founded in late 2008, Copper Run Distillery has steadily grown over the past 5 years and has become a household name in Southwest Missouri.

Copper Run exemplifies the concept of a small batch artisan distillery down to the last detail. We use custom milled grains, our own well water (which is ideal for whiskey), famous Missouri white oak barrels, and, above all, the Copper Run Distillery passion for our craft. We take pride in the hand-crafted, high quality spirits we produce. We are dedicated to the tradition and art of quality distillation, and we think it shows.

Working with Copper Run

Working with a local artisan distillery is not like working with a typical spirits supplier/distributor.

First of all our production is limited, which means that there may be times when some of our products are not in stock and you may have to pre-order.  Secondly we have 3-4 special releases every year of numbered bottles/limited edition specialty products where the first come – first serve rules apply.

Doing business with us is exciting and can become very profitable if we work together and co-market.

Copper Run Distillery is both the manufacturer and the distributor for the state of Missouri. This allows us to work more directly with you and cut out the middle man. With your wholesale account, you can expect a number of perks that you might not typically get from other companies and we are open to suggestions or recommendations to make our business relationship even better:

  • We will arrange for a private tour of the distillery for your team. This demonstrates the distillation process, showcasing our products and their production method.
  • We will demonstrate and teach you how to make some of our signature cocktails and provide you with cocktail recipes.
  • We offer infusion kits for our products and offer ingredients and recipes for them. We’ll even make you your own signature infusion.
  • We offer small barrels for aging Moonshine, barrel heads, T-shirts for your staff, coasters, and other sales collateral to help you promote sales.
  • We will promote your establishment through our very popular website and Facebook pages. Ask for our latest stats!!
  • We will arrange for tasting, live music events, and other promotional events at your facility.
  • We communicate with our wholesale accounts directly  via email  newsletter announcing any new releases and new products, so that you have time to plan ahead.

Exciting new products are coming your way like the barrel program, a way for you to work with us directly to co-produce and co-market a new barrel of Whiskey or Rum from scratch based on a formula that we’ll help you put together.

To open a new wholesale account click here or call us now at 417-587-3336!