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Copper Run Distillery is the first legal distillery in the Ozark Mountains since the prohibition ended in 1933

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The Art of Moonshine

“Off the beaten path, nestled between overgrown oak trees in the Ozarks of Missouri, sits a business building its own roots.”

By: Tyne Morgan, Ag Day TV National Reporter

Jim Blansit owns Copper Run Distillery. His canvas: a still where he’s trying to perfect an art that’s been around for years.

“To make alcohol is easy,” Blansit said. “To make it taste good is where the art really takes over.”

Blansit makes corn whiskey. Vodka, whiskey, you name it. He makes it all. But the crowd favorite is a type that’s had many names over the years—most commonly, moonshine.

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“The hydrometer measures the alcohol,” Blansit said as he pointed to the meter. “You can see it’s at 80%.”

In just three years, business has been booming and people continue to venture back for more. In the beginning, however, some people had their doubts.

“My poor parents,” said Blansit while trying to hold back his laughter. “When I told them I was going to build a distillery in the backyard…I’m so fortunate they were very supportive. But I know a lot of people were scratching their heads thinking, ‘Is this real? Can this really be happening?’ And it was a risk, just like with any small business. And it’s worked out really well for us.”

Making alcohol is nothing new to Blansit. He brewed beer professionally for 10 years, then decided to take that profession one step further and make whiskey. It’s a craft that depends on your sense of taste and smell to get the flavor just right.

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