Ozark Mountain Moonshine

“We believe our flavor is true to what our great grandparents would have savored.”

Copper Run Moonshine’s un-aged spirit comes straight from the still immediately winning awards and public recognition.  ‘Moonshine’ is shifting from a word describing an illegal distilled spirit to being recognized as a process historically known to us here in the Ozarks.

This repressed art is giving rise to a new avenue of study and expertise.  Distilled spirits were the first domestic product taxed as America was forming, thus creating a long history of secrecy as means to survive.  We at Copper Run are grateful to finally have a platform to openly explore and educate the artisan knowledge of our ancestors.

Our flavor captures all the smooth complexity from the earthy root through the citrus green to the buttery sweetness of the corn kernel.  Hints of delicate caramel malted tones float in the taste created from our 20 percent wheat mash blend.