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Our Spirits

Copper Run Spirits Flight – $10
Try a .5 oz.sample of all 6 of the spirits listed below

Ozark Mountain Moonshine – $5
Un-aged whiskey made from roughly 80% corn and 20% wheat with a touch of toasted barley, 80 proof

Overproof Ozark Mountain Moonshine – $5
Un-aged whiskey made from a blend of corn, wheat, and barley, 120 proof

Small Batch Spirit Whiskey – $5
Made from an 80% corn-20% wheat blend and aged in charred Missouri white oak barrels, 80 proof

Malted Barley Whiskey – $5
Made from barely, corn, with an addition of port, aged in heavy charred oak barrel with an additional 30 days in a used barley wine barrel, 80 proof

Overproof White Rum – $5
Made from brown sugar and blackstrap molasses, un-aged, 120 proof

Small Batch Gold Rum – $5
Made from brown sugar and black strap molasses, aged in bourbon barrels, 80 proof

Signature Cocktails

Shine-a-Rita – $7
Copper Run Moonshine, lime juice, cane syrup, pink salt rim

Moonshine Mary – $7
The best bloody you’ve ever had! Copper Run Moonshine, our special Bloody Mary mix, rimmed with celery salt.

Copper Run Manhattan – $8
Copper Run Whiskey, house made pomegranate grenadine, Angostura bitters – served up or on the rocks

Signature Infusions

Infusion Flight – $10

1 oz. of any three infusions of your choice

Apple Pie Moonshine – $5
80 proof moonshine infused with dried apples, cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, and sweetened with brown sugar

Cherry Pie Moonshine – $5
80 proof moonshine infused with frozen tart cherries and sweetened with simple syrup

Chai Whiskey – $5
Whiskey infused with chai tea and sweetened with simple syrup, surprisingly delightful!

Espresso Rum – $5
Overproof rum infused with locally roasted espresso beans and sweetened with raw sugar simple syrup

Many Seasonal Infusion varieties available as well

If you order a fatty meat dish, keep in mind that this can slow down the action of Cialis.

Beer and Wine

Tow Head – $5
Mother’s Brewing Company

Piney River IPA – $5
Piney River Brewing Company

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Soda: Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Cream– $2.5

Coffee:  – $2

Iced Tea: Fresh brewed tea, sweet or unsweet – $2


Chips & Salsa – $3.5
Sausage and Cheese plate – $6.5