Jim has been interested in the magic of fermentation from the age of 13 when he and his brother John added some of Mom’s bread yeast to fresh grape juice hidden under the bunk beds to “see what would happen”.
Growing up on his Great Grand Parents farm, he and his brothers and sisters were used to the “homemade” life style. At the age of 19 after reading an article in Mother Earth News on making beer at home Jim was hooked.
Working at various wineries and micro-breweries during the 90’s gave him the solid foundation to build the dream of owning and operating a small craft distillery.

Copper Run Distillery is now located on the old Blansit farm and Jim is keeping the “homemade” tradition alive..

Key team members

Katherine Smith


David Burley

Lead Distiller

Jim Blansit

Owner | Master Distiller

Brandon Moore

Distiller | Vibe Coordinator