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CRD - Mileage Submission Form - New

Here is where you state the miles you drove your car for Copper Run business.
  • Itinerary description

NameDateTotal MilesDescriptionEdit Entry
Alysa Wisecup06/13/20165Walmart
Alysa Wisecup06/11/20165Bed bath and beyond
Alysa Wisecup06/07/20162Price Cutter
Alysa Wisecup06/03/20165Walmart
Alysa Wisecup06/01/20165Walmart
Alysa Wisecup05/27/20165Price Cutter for bar supplies
Alysa Wisecup05/26/201625Spfd grocer and price Cutter for barbar supplies
Katherine Smith03/10/201617.6CR to Lodge of the Ozarks to Outback Pub
brandon moore03/09/2016100mac pinevile
Katherine Smith03/09/201647.7Republic Mac, HH Nixa, PC 51, Staples, BD 17, Mama Jean's, BD 25, Hy Vee, Parlor 88, Touch, Cafe Cusco, Dublin's Pass, Mud Lounge, Flame
brandon moore03/07/201625bbq place/price cutter
Katherine Smith03/03/201622.2CR to Coulee's to Outback Pub
brandon moore03/03/201625pric cutter 50/b.derby
brandon moore03/02/201670woods buffalo/summer fresh/
brandon moore03/01/201630mama jeans/price cutter/ coffee ethic
Katherine Smith03/02/201629.8BD 26, Houlihan's North, BD 4, Lindberg's, BD 25, Nonna's South, BD 10, Houlihan's South, HH (Republic), PC 50, Mama Jean's, Nicola's, BD 17, BD Int'l Center, Patton, Rogers/Baldwin, Civil, Scotch and Soda
Katherine Smith03/29/20167.8Staples to Touch to downtown
Katherine Smith02/29/201617.8CR to Branson Mac, Waxy O' Shea's, Big Whiskey's Black Horse Pub, Outback Pub
brandon moore02/29/201655top hat/ the airport/price cutter/
Katherine Smith02/27/201614.9CR to Sunfest Market
Katherine Smith02/24/201632.1PC 35, Coffee Ethic, HyVee, BD 30, Houlihan's South, PC 50, HH Eastgate, Nicola's, Hickory Hills, Homegrown Food/Cherry Picker, Nonna's downtown, Rogers and Baldwin, Lindberg's, Cusco, Houlihan's North
brandon moore02/23/201625b derby. mac spfld
Katherine Smith02/22/201616.5CR to Sunfest Market
brandon moore02/22/2016119woods,buffalo,bolivar,stockton
brandon moore02/19/201670bistro market/ffireand ice/ harter house/mac spfld/top hat
NameDateTotal MilesDescriptionEdit Entry