Welcoming Visitors to Copper Run Distillery – Home of the Ozark Mountain Moonshine

It is very important that our customers are warmly greeted and informed about what we offer and who we are when they walk in the door.  Not many people have been to a distillery, let alone a moonshine distillery, before.  So they may feel welcome and at ease, please develop a greeting that works for you.  However you choose to greet your customers, please be sure to cover the following points when greeting them:
  1. Warm welcome
  2. Ask if they’ve been here before.  Explain where they are. This is the Tasting Room and Gift shop – The distillery is downstairs
  3. Ask if they’ve been here before
  4. Yes – we are always growing/evolving… and go straight to making a recommendation
  5. No – ask how they heard about us (it’s always good information to know)
  6. Explain that we are a small batch whiskey distillery and we specialize in moonshine, whiskey, and rum
  7. Tours are at 12, 2, 4, and 6pm.  They will begin here in the tasting room.
  8. Invite them into the tasting room where they can try our spirits, enjoy a cocktail, or grab lunch with our local cheeses or slow-cooked brisket sandwich
  9. Make a recommendation based on what they seem to be interested in
  10. For example: if they come straight to the bar, recommend they start with a flight
  11. If they are looking at the Infusion Kits, offer them a sample from our test batches
  12. If they are looking at the preserves, tell them your favorite and that they are Amish, or Lois’
Please do your best to always be accessible to the customer.  If they are looking at bottles, go over to the bottles and talk to them there.  Do not talk across the bar if they are not sitting at the bar.  If they are perusing the art, please go over and tell them a bit about the artist, point out some of the other local artists we have featured in the tasting room.

Take ownership of the entire tasting room.  You are not a bartender – you are a whiskey expert, you are a curator, you are a host, and you are a guide.  All of these roles are equally important for our customers to have a memorable Copper Run experience.

In General:

  1. Always ask if they’d like food after taking their drink order
  2. Be familiar with all the products in the Tasting Room
  3. Learn about all the artists we have featured so you can tell their story
  4. Know the details of our food offerings
  5. Always have a recommendation – what’s your favorite spirit/why; what’s your favorite cocktail; what’s your favorite beer; what’s your favorite preserve/honey?